We’re hiring a Talent Acquisition Specialist


What does better mean to you?

Maybe it’s fixing something that’s broken. Perhaps it’s striving for a higher level of quality.

To us, better means disrupting the traditional hiring process and finding new ways to deliver excellence to our users.

We launched in 2015, and already 2,000+ companies have used Snap.hr – including brands like Babylon Health, Transferwise, AirSorted and Moo.com.

In that time we’ve also raised funding from numerous VCs and now as we scale we’re looking at doing what we do already, but better.

The culture here at Snap.hr is unique, and something we are immensely proud of. We’re largely non-hierarchical which allows all of our colleagues to take responsibility from day one.

Being such a young organisation and still very much on the growth path, our organisational structure is continuously morphing, and we take pride in delivering meaningful, collaborative work.

You’ll have access to all the creature comforts; Mac environment, state of the art tech, snacks, ping pong, Friday beers, yada yada – you know the drill…but also, you’ll be supported and coached by some of the brightest minds in the industry (if we do say so ourselves), presenting opportunities to learn, grow and make a real difference to our future and our product.

As a Talent Acquisition Specialist, your job will be to source the best talent to join the Snap.hr talent pool as a candidate on the ‘supply side’. Your day-to-day will involve utilising emails, LinkedIn and other platforms in a data-driven way to achieve the best possible results. You’ll be able to pick up information quickly and apply it to create the best responses to your emails and have a passion to get better with every interaction.

We want to create something better – and if that sounds like your sort of thing, drop us an email on jobs@snap.hr.