Talent Manager Spotlight: Meet Taz

The Talent Managers working on the Snap.hr platform are here to match you with the perfect job based on your needs and experience. It’s not an easy job, but we have the perfect people doing it, and we’d love for you to know more about our team.  This week meet Taz, one of the original Talent Managers at Snap.hr.

Trust us, if there’s anyone who can help you land that role with your dream company, it’s her.

Let’s start!

Name: Tazmin Jaffer

Role: Talent Manager (2 and 1/2 years)

“Snap.hr felt like a life change, not a career change”

Taz was Snap.hr’s second hire, back when the company was still in its inception and the team consisted only of the two founders, another talent manager and …you guessed it, Taz. She joined Snap.hr due to the company’s desire for innovation and their mission to take the middleman out of a software engineer’s job search.

Tazmin comes from a recruitment background where she worked just out of University, but the environment failed to provide any satisfaction in the long run. She felt sucked into an industry where candidates were only seen as numbers and simply didn’t want to be part of this type of environment – luckily for Taz, she wasn’t the only one feeling frustrated.

She joint Snap.hr where she became part of the team that ultimately built the backbone of the company as it is today. Being able to contribute with valuable ideas in a growing company turned her job at Snap.hr into an extension of her life.

“I can’t wait to come to work on Monday”

The Snap.hr team feels like a tight-knit family, the people are open-minded and everyone brings a positive energy that makes her job enjoyable any day of the week. “Trying something new is highly encouraged, as is failing. Our motto is: fail fast fail smart.

In a startup, the more adaptable you are, the more success you’ll have”.

Tech junkie

Being a self-professed tech fanatic, Taz loves reading about new discoveries and emerging technologies and she’s up to date with all the new App releases that make her London life easier (her family loves her tech recommendations).

She’s also a huge Elon Musk fan – I think we might be looking at a candidate for Elon’s plan to colonize Mars?

“Candidates are surprised by us”

“The candidates that work with us love us,” says Taz firmly. “They love the fact that they don’t have to deal with harassing recruiters” she continues. At Snap.hr, the most frequent feedback we get is about candidates being happy about speaking to companies directly, without having a recruiter as a middleman. Fact.

Communication with candidates is her priority

The success of being a Talent Manager is having candidates placed with the right company and ensuring that they are happy in their new role. After candidates sign up on Snap.hr, Taz makes sure she asks candidates about their hobbies and passions in life – to match them with the right company.

“You need to care to make this job work,” says Taz.

Taz is never too busy to take calls from candidates either early in the morning or late in the afternoon, or even weekends – all to suit the needs of a candidate. She understands that looking for a new job causes a lot of stress and Taz works with the candidate at their convenience.

“I try to dig deep and find out exactly what expectations candidates have from a new role and which environment they’d like to work in” – meaning that Taz needs to know a little more about a candidate to be able to place them in the right company.

Most commonly-asked questions from candidates

“Salaries – candidates are interested in how much they could be earning in a new role and what the industry standard is”.

On Snap.hr, transparency is paramount and when a new candidate signs up they can see salaries up front. Candidates are also excited by new industries, about emerging startups and company culture.

The right candidate from a company’s perspective

More than ever, companies are looking for well-rounded people and team players that can work well with other people. “It’s important that candidates bring their own ideas and make them happen within a new company. It’s important that the candidate believes and takes pride in a company’s mission”.

The most difficult step for a candidate in the hiring process

“For candidates, the most difficult step is definitely the tech test, whether this takes place in the company’s office or on a conference call – most times nerves kick in and affect a candidate’s performance.” Taz makes sure to help the candidate as much as she can, but she understands that all the pressure in on the candidate.

The best thing heard from a candidate

For Taz, the best thing about working with people and placing them in the right job is hearing about their satisfaction in their new position. “They always email me about making the right decision for them and about joining emerging companies and growing alongside them”.

This makes Taz a happy Talent Manager: having a deep understanding of the companies that work with Snap.hr and matching the perfect candidate with the perfect role within those companies.

Taz admits that her biggest satisfaction is simply “helping people and knowing that I’ve made a change in their career, at the right time”.

Talent Manager advice

Taz advises all candidates to be open with the Snap.hr talent managers because the more information they receive from candidates the better job they can find for them. Trust and openness – which goes both ways.

Finally … something quirky about Taz

Taz loves Skydiving, has an Advanced Open Water Certification from Dubai. She also boxes twice a week.

Taz and her team are waiting to match you with the perfect company!

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