Finding a job just got more transparent: Our new “Open to Opportunities” feature

We’re aware that searching for a job isn’t as binary as simply actively looking, or not. This week has launched a new feature, allowing you to label yourself as open to opportunities.

On your profile, you can choose the job search status that best reflects your current situation. This is just one of the many upcoming features we’re building to make your experience as seamless as possible.

You’ll still be in control

On you don’t apply to companies, companies apply to you. There are no recruiters.

You’ll still be anonymous

Your current employer will never see your profile. And if there are any other companies you want to stay hidden from, you can add this on your profile settings.

We’re still not recruiters

Connect directly with companies without any middlemen. You can take ownership of the process from start to finish.


You can update your status by logging in to your profile. Not already signed up? You can join here and start your job search today.