Hiring just got more transparent: Our new “Open to Opportunities” feature

It’s not uncommon for candidates to say they’re not actively looking for a new role, but they are open to opportunities. How many of your hires were in a similar situation before they joined your team?

I’m sure you’ve experienced this for yourself. It’s clear that candidates aren’t always interested in labelling themselves as active, but given the right approach and the right opportunity, they’re happy to consider a new role.

We’ve built a product to solve this problem – our Open to Opportunities feature. This is just one of the many upcoming features we’re building to make your experience as seamless as possible.

Candidates can tag themselves as Open To Opportunities, if they’re unsure about being branded as Actively Looking. With this new feature you’ll be able to:

  • Prioritise based on the candidate status
  • Leverage a new network of candidates
  • Get a clear and upfront understanding of the motivation of the candidate meaning less time lost in process
  • Access a larger talent pool
  • Make more connections which will lead to more hires
  • Amplify your brand and get valuable exposure in the marketplace

You can check out our latest feature by logging in to your Snap.hr profile.

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