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Tell us a little about yourself

I (Fazan Habib) have been at Automation Logic for just over two and a half years. My background is in IT and overall technology recruitment. 

I’m passionate about recruitment, not just in terms of sourcing and meeting hiring targets but also trying to continuously improve the inhouse recruitment eco system in order to provide the best candidate experience combined with promoting and enhancing the Automation Logic brand.  

The Talent Acquisition function at Automation Logic prides itself on its personal approach and flexibility in order to provide a unique candidate experience every time, whilst maintaining consistently high standards. 

Tell us a little about Automation Logic 

We’ve been around about 9 years now and we’ve delivered more than 60 cloud automation projects. Our pride is both the awesome people we have on-board and the prestigious list of clients we work with.

One of our biggest successes has been the launch of AL’s DevOps Academy helping STEM graduates kick-start their career in DevOps. We’re actually just beginning recruitment for our 4th intake. 

Our mission is quite simply to share everything we know about DevOps and build the new kinds of teams and infrastructure our clients need to thrive in the digital economy. 

What makes Automation Logic such a great place to work?

The one thing that’s always mentioned when we ask our people “what makes AL a great place to work?” is autonomy. We have a shared mission and a shared sense of purpose, but everyone has the freedom to experiment and bring new ideas to the table.

Our people are always focused on delivering value for our clients but we also like coming together to share lessons learned and to socialise… it’s a real family environment. 

This has been reinforced by AL being recognised as one of the UK’s Best Workplaces by Great Place to Work for the past couple of years. In 2018 we were in the small category and, this year, due to our continued business growth, we moved up to the medium category and still managed to place! 

How did you first hear about

It’s all about relationships, isn’t it? Alex Cresswell (Sales Executive) is someone I’ve been in regular contact with whilst at Automation Logic, he previously was at Stack Overflow and he was kind enough to keep in touch when he moved over to SnapHR.  

What interested you in using a platform over another method of recruitment?

Following on from those conversations with Alex, we conducted some research on the platform and assessed the cost of the platform versus other potential sourcing methods and avenues. 

The model is somewhat unique, having a platform for active professionals looking for work with no access given to recruitment agencies is an internal dream. It was a proposition we were keen to trial to see how it would help our sourcing and hiring objectives. 

One of the key factors in deciding to use SnapHR as a potential sourcing platform was the focus on scaling the platform with relevant permanent engineers. Our business and operating model is primarily built on a permanent resource model, and in a contract heavy market, this was a very powerful attraction. 

How easy was it to onboard to and start finding candidates?

It was quite straightforward; the platform is fairly user-friendly with a simple layout so you can navigate around the platform and find candidates from the off. You can message prospective candidates directly and engage with them on the platform. 

At Automation Logic we use Greenhouse as our ATS system, SnapHR integrates with Greenhouse, making it easier to transition candidates across from SnapHR onto Greenhouse where we can store all the notes, CV and activity related to that specific profile without having to go back and forth on SnapHR or Greenhouse. 

The candidate profile page on the platform is simple yet informative and allows us to review and contact a profile without any hassle or complication.

What did you think of the candidate quality and engagement levels on

The engagement levels are superb on, pre-screened candidates are only being approached for relevant positions suited to their skills and interests (you can see the type of roles they are interested in on their profile). Reaching out to active candidates looking for new employment results in a higher response rate to approaches and messages. 

The quality of the candidates relevant to Automation Logic is good, however, there isn’t a large pool of candidates which is completely understandable due to the complexity of the profile we seek as well as current market conditions. 

Tell us about your experience with the service provided by the team?

Our experience with the team at has been positive, they are very responsive when we require them to be and my main point of contact at Snap.HR is in regular communication with me so we are aligned across the board in terms of candidate manage, what stage they are at in the process or any feedback that needs to be relayed to them via Snap.HR.

The team is friendly and understood our requirements as a business, Alex and Chloe (Account Manager) also visited our offices once the relationship was settled to have a deeper discussion around a partnership and future engagement. 

Why do you feel Automation Logic was so successful in appealing to candidates on

We work within a really exciting space within technology. DevOps has been gathering pace and popularity for a few years now, and the technologies as well as the scale of enterprises we partner up with makes it an attractive place to work for prospective engineers. 

We also pride ourselves on our culture and the people first focus the organisation possesses. We provide a lot of autonomy to our employees and trust them to do a good job without the need for micromanagement. Employee engagement and satisfaction is hugely important to us as an organisation so we do our utmost to ensure the culture is collaborative, welcoming and supportive to anyone who walks in through the door. 

In addition to our organisational culture, we have a clear understanding of what we are looking for but also a talent acquisition function that will engage with candidates with the mindset that we want to make the process as simple and quick as possible for everyone involved.

Do you have any advice for other companies looking to find candidates and hire through

Like with any other sourcing method or tool, you need to be active on the platform and put effort into finding the right candidates before subsequently reaching out to them. I’ve added checking Snap.HR to my morning ritual, so I open it alongside my emails and calendar first thing in morning and then I check it a few times throughout the day to ensure I am the first to reach out to any new talent on the platform.  

I would also advise other companies to have a clear understanding of exactly what it is they are looking to get out of the platform. For us, it’s an additional tool to what we already have in our arsenal to be able to support our sourcing and hiring needs, we do not expect it to turn over 10-15 offers per month, we know the limitations of the market so adapt accordingly by engaging with only appropriate profiles on the platform. 

How likely would you be to recommend to others, and why?

I would definitely recommend to other organisations who are looking at adding alternative tools to their existing recruitment resourcing methods. It can be a unique and innovative way in order to reach out to active candidates on the market who you might not have access to via traditional sourcing tools and methods. 

Just like with any other tool, I would advise organisations to conduct their due diligence on the platform and assess whether it can be beneficial in helping achieve hiring targets. 

Written by Fazan Habib


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