Discover London’s Leading Tech For Good Companies – Part 1

There’s an abundance of tech companies out there and amongst them, a new breed is emerging: the *Tech For Good* companies.  We’ve identified 8 such companies in London who have chosen to change the world. Some bring the change in the education industry, some create platforms tackling mental health whilst others impact the education sector.

We’re proud to be working with these companies and helping them with their tech hires.

Mogul news

Let’s face the harsh truth: fake news stories are all around us and Facebook isn’t the only company vowing to unfriend it. Ideally, we’d only be reading reputable sources daily – but legitimate, unbiased news articles are hard to filter out from the abundance of unreliable content. Free speech is important, yes – but what if there was a way to read only trustworthy outlets?

We found one platform for filtering news and fighting fake articles at the same time: Mogul News. They’re just getting started in London, but it feels there’s never been a need for such a platform more than there is today.

Does their mission resonate with you? Because they’re looking for a Python developer.  

Babylon Health

Healthcare has been a highly debated subject in 2017 and with all the political turmoil NHS finds itself in this year, the patients are still affected, experiencing long waiting times and delayed examinations. Providing the alternative to NHS is Babylon Health.

Their mission is clear: accessible and affordable health for everyone. Available in the UK and Rwanda, and planning to launch in Canada and US very soon, Babylon works with a strong community of clinicians, engineers and scientists to deliver personalised healthcare 24/7.

On their app, you can find GPs, therapists or even your next job, as they’re hiring!


With a free online service, Founders4Schools’ mission is to inspire students and connect them with the business leaders of today. The company’s working hard on improving the employability of young people. Their achievements are nothing short of remarkable: 284,820 student-employer encounters and 96% of students were inspired by the leaders they met through Founders4Schools.

The platform makes it easy for schools to reach out to founders of the companies who are creating jobs in today’s market, to organise events and panels with those industry leaders to subsequently inspire the new generation.


Zzish’s main goal is to empower millions of learners daily with the best education apps and resources. With Google’s former Product Manager as their CEO, Zzish had an astronomical 2018 when they reached 150,000 teacher sign-ups alongside over 2 million students worldwide.

Zzish appeals to app creators who are looking to build better educational experiences, but also teachers who will then use those apps to transform the educational process in the classroom.


Unmind is the beautifully-designed app for mental health. Whether we’re speaking about employees suffering from stress at work or professionals who need to regulate their sleep pattern, Unmind is providing a reliable, mindful and convenient app for all those in need. In a world where mental health is not discussed openly enough and getting help is not supported or encouraged sufficiently by companies, Unmind provides a simple and effective solution for these so-called taboo issues.

They found, through a survey taken in 2017, that 92% of the employees questioned felt that the app gives them more energy, confidence, relaxation and happiness.


There’s a place where all your favourite books meet and where you can read them as many times as you want, without having to think of storage problems. That place is Perlego. From coding books to academic works and literature, the platform hosts over 90,000 titles. Industry experts even prepare a reading list for the platform’s subscribers and you can find yourself learning and discovering new books in different industries.

It’s never been easier to enhance your knowledge by accessing titles that you wouldn’t normally find in a bookstore or on Amazon.

Big White Wall

More and more companies are making it their mission to offer mental health support and Big White Wall is just one of the platforms offering help to those who seek it. The site is monitored 24/7 by trained Wall Guides, who are there to make people feel welcome and guide anyone seeking help through their multitude of services.

Big White Wall offers a platform for people to connect with users facing similar issues as them. Users can give practical advice, offer emotional support or simply listen to each other, all under the supervision of a trained counsellor. Everyone stays anonymous throughout this process, making it easier for users to really open up and discuss their problems.


WhiteHat is bridging the gap between apprentices and their dream job. The best example of a purpose-driven organisation, WhiteHat and its dedicated team of coaches provide courses and mentorship for exceptional apprentices aged from 16 to 23, ultimately paving the way towards a great career.

WhiteHat knows that young students can get a career even without a University degree and they help their students get jobs through the use of tech, 1:1 courses and carefully curated learning content.

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