Meet our Speakers: Microservices & OpenStack with Yoti and Rightmove

Ahead of our Microservices & Openstack event later this month with Yoti and Rightmove, we’re delighted to introduce our three speakers for the evening; Harry Winser from Rightmove and Yoti’s very own Quirino Zagarese and Colin Fowler. Come along and hear from our favourite Microservices experts, whilst enjoying some refreshments at Yoti’s awesome Fenchurch Street office space.

Harry Winser is a Tech Lead at Rightmove, the UK’s Largest Property Portal. He gets to lead a team that handles over 20 million searches a day while also developing and progressing other developers within the company.

Deciding which architecture to build the next “big thing” in is difficult. There are many different styles available, with lots of new technology emerging all of the time. Microservices have become almost the defacto standard for most new projects, while also being the “golden land” to strive for when moving away from monoliths. They provide a perceived realm of freedom and innovation that you can’t get from a monolithic style of architecture.

But what if monolithic architecture is actually better for your project? What if this freedom offered by microservices is not as “free” as originally promised? What of the cultural and team cost? Documentation?

Harry’s quite the microservices connoisseur, and he’ll be looking at the common pitfalls with microservices, such as deployment and logging, as well as looking at the cultural shifts and practises that need to occur to help support a microservice style of architecture and working.

When not working, he can usually be found hacking on random small projects, blogging, playing guitar, or wondering the hills with his camera.

Quirino Zagarese is one of the two Principal Engineers at Yoti. He’s been at Yoti for over 3 years and leads their B2B tech. Quirino was responsible for building the platform that allows businesses to integrate with the Yoti technology.

Quirino will be delivering a long-awaited presentation about Dockerunit: an extensible framework for testing of dockerised services and applications. It started as a pet project and it is now powering the automated tests for Yoti’s Age Scan product

Dockerunit  is based on JUnit and it allows linking of Docker images to Java tests by means of Java annotations. You can think of Dockerunit as of a docker-compose for Java tests Dockerunit leverages useful tools like docker-java, Consul and registrator to provide the following main features:

  1. Automatic pull of images referencing a registry.
  2. Service discovery based on Consul + registrator (alternative discovery providers can be plugged in).
  3. Container port mapping.
  4. Volume mapping allowing relative paths from test classpath, so you can easily mount test config files.
  5. Support for multiple instances of a service, so you can test how your services would work on environments like Kubernetes.
  6. A simple mechanism similar to the Java Validation Framework for you to add your own annotations.

Colin Fowler is a Senior Systems Architect and Technical Lead at Yoti.

Infrastructure as Code (IAC) and Configuration as Code (CAC) are now essential tools for any engineer wishing to quickly and repeatedly deploy and manage large scale cloud environments. Issues can however arise when using Cloud Service Provider supplied tools when migrating between providers or running a hybrid cloud. This can create vendor lock-in or duplication of effort in radically different tools.

In Colin’s presentation he’ll discuss a solution using Terraform and SaltStack for IAC and CAC respectively that allow us to deploy infrastructure on our hybrid cloud (AWS and OpenStack) reliably and without vendor lock-in. With a single command you can can deploy hundreds of servers that self-configure in minutes.

Colin will discuss the issues Yoti have faced, how they’ve overcome them, the design of their pipeline and the open-source contributions they’re making to Terraform to add more support for OpenStack features. He’ll also show how to import deployments that were not orchestrated by Terraform into Terraform.

We look forward to welcoming you to the wonderful Yoti HQ office space in Fenchurch Street on November 27th from 6.30pm. Come along to learn something, meet someone new, or simply enjoy the snacks!

You can find out more and sign up here.

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