{Between brackets with… Rajeeb Dey, Founder, Learnerbly}

At just 31 years old he was awarded an MBE for services brought to entrepreneurship. And it’s not hard to see how he achieved this distinction: having a natural tendency for helping others through different platforms and associations, Rajeeb Dey is now building a better way to future-proof individuals through Learnerbly

Our interview breaks down his journey to founding his first startup and reveals why he’s now convincing companies to invest in the professional development of their talent.

Rajeeb Dey’s journey started at school when aged 17 he began his first venture, Student Voice. During his first year at Oxford University, he formally launched Student Voice, as he felt that the voices of students aged 11 to 19 weren’t being heard loud enough.

In his second year of study, Raj became the president of the Oxford Entrepreneurs Society and under his leadership, it became the 2nd largest society on campus.

He saw an opportunity for a new organisation once he understood the lack of exposure startups have on campus. In the midst of the 2009 graduate unemployment crisis, Rajeeb noticed a discrepancy between the visibility that larger organisations have on campus over the smaller startups: and that’s how Enternships was founded.

Having started as a job listing site, it quickly became a go-to platform for graduates to find startup roles. It generated a lot of buzz, especially due to their Dragon’s Den exposure, but the platform ultimately grew organically, by word of mouth.

To date, over 7,000 companies have hired graduates through the Enternships platform.

Rajeeb then spent over 3 years looking at the learning and upskilling industry as well as the recruitment industry and how he could provide a more positive experience for candidates.  

Eventually, he understood that the world of work is changing rapidly and people need to continuously learn and adapt. Having gained this knowledge, Rajeeb then conceptualised a curated marketplace for startups.

Are startups more open to investing in an employee’s in personal development? Rajeeb feels that there’s no right answer to the question, as it has to be in a company’s DNA to want to offer learning support to its employees, but he strongly feels that learning has to be part of the job offering alongside the usual perks such as gym, ping pong or free breakfast.

It was a natural step for Raj, and after helping companies find the best graduate talent in London, he’s now helping those companies nurture and develop that talent further through Learnerbly.

Learnerbly’s belief: Professional development is vital now to prepare for the future of work.

Not all companies have a good understanding of what employee development is and the effects it has over the company’s progress, but Rajeeb is confident that there will come a “maturity” period for a company when its leadership will understand the long-term benefits of offering a learning programme for its talent.

Large enterprises are more likely to get involved, and Learnerbly is one of the 6 companies that have been chosen to work with Mercer Global HR consultancy as a part of their Future work incubator and is now highly invested in helping large organisations future-proof their talent and retain them for a longer period of time.

The Learnerbly mission is simple: Empower, Guide and Support!

How was Learnerbly actually built? On the backend their architecture is Javascript based, and utilises cutting-edge frameworks and services such as GraphQL running on AWS Lambda, using AWS DynamoDB, S3, AWS hosted ElasticSearch, and CloudFront.

On the front-end, they use React and Apollo to build web-based components and to bind them to our GraphQL API.

When it comes to hiring developers, their ethos is finding curious people, self-driven, and with a strong growth mindset. A candidate needs to be open to teaching others and has to have a belief in self-development, both on a personal and professional basis.

To ensure career progression and constant development for his team at Learnerbly, Rajeeb holds weekly one-to-ones with his direct reports. He stays away from the usual status reports and says he wants to know his team’s weekly objectives but the one-to-ones are about the person in question, their growth and development with the startup.

“Lunch and learns” are weekly events where the team shares their expertise and everyone finds out what teams are working on. Tech and non-tech people are encouraged to sharing their knowledge with the rest of the team.

What advice would Rajeeb give candidates looking to work for Learnerbly? “Self-thought candidates, curious, driven by diversity, cultural contribution and commercial awareness for developers. It’s always great to know the ecosystem you operate in and ask yourself why are you doing this? Where do you want to get by fixing this issue?”

“It’s not a question if you fit our culture, but rather what can you bring to our culture?”

A real passion for education is important and should always be based on personal experience, and the developers working for Learnerbly are all committed to personal development and professional growth.

Rajeeb Dey is an inspiring figure on the London tech scene and an incredibly busy entrepreneur, but also he’s also one of the most humble CEOs we’ve had the pleasure of interviewing. He admits to finding inspiration in Dame Anita Roberts from The Body Shop – as another entrepreneurial figure as she has also started a business that became a force for good.

Rajeeb dedicates his success to his parents, who also are his biggest role models. He’s inspired by them as they started from zero and built a life for themselves and have supported him in pursuing his entrepreneurial spirit. His parents cultivated his instinct of doing good for other people.

If you would like to join Rajeeb in his quest of building the biggest marketplace for future-proofing professionals, then apply below for a job at Learnerbly.

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