Introducing Contractors was born from our own frustration with trying to find tech talent. Our mission has always been to fix the broken recruitment industry and that has been the driving force behind the way we’ve shaped our platform. With that in mind, we’re excited to launch our latest update for hiring contractors.

Our product team has been busy building a new function that will take the pain out of hiring tech contractors and we can’t wait to share it with our community. Alongside providing our customers with access to the top contract talent, we’re committed to:

🔍 Screening and verifying contractors

⚡️Filling jobs within 72 hours

📅 Managing timesheets and the entire payroll process

💷 Paying contractors in 7 days

✅ Offering a full refund if our customers are not satisfied after the first day

Getting Started

After you’ve signed up to and your company profile is live, you can navigate to the Contract tab on the dashboard.

Simply fill in the details of your contract job, and you’re ready to go.

Review your matches

Once you’ve added your job, will curate a list of suitable candidate matches. From the Contract tab, you’ll be able to review your matches, send messages or skip profiles that aren’t quite what you’re looking for.

Our contractors are screened and verified so you can be confident that your matches are readily available and technically qualified.

Payroll and Admin

In order to make our customers’ contract hiring as simple as possible, we’re also committed to managing timesheets and payroll for contractors. We’ve partnered with a payroll provider so you don’t have to worry about the administration side of things.

We’re really excited to share this latest update with our community and look forward to making the process of hiring contractors as seamless as possible for our customers.

Not signed up already? You can create your profile here and find the perfect contractor for your role.