5 Things A Dev Should Get For Black Friday

It’s that time of the year again, when the money’s nearly gone from our bank accounts and we’re looking forward (i.e. counting the days) to our next payday. Every November, there’s this little, quiet event that happens online called “Black Friday”. You might have heard of it…


Unless you’re a fan of camping in front of your favourite store to grab a discounted item, here are the best five things you can buy in the comfort of your home and far away from the overexcited crowds.

1. A Smartwatch for approx £108.56

A sexy, cool new watch to count the time until your next deployment cycle. Our devs really liked this Misfit watch and if you do too, you’re in luck this week. Check out this Misfit Smartwatch powered by OS by Google, which is compatible with Google OS and Android phones. Looks great, if you ask us.

2. A discounted Udemy coding course, starting at £9.99

The festive season is almost upon us and you’ll soon have the chance to spend time with relatives and family friends. However, if that gets too much and all you want is to retreat to a quiet place and get back to coding, Udemy has some great deals for Black Friday and you can upskill easily and without breaking the bank.


3. A wireless mouse £24.99

This weirdly-shaped mouse is on offer this Friday. Looking like the tear-drop tattoo on Lil’Wayne’s right cheek, this mouse promises to fight any wrist pressure caused by a normal mouse.
Unfortunately, it only caters to large hands, so for people with normal-sized hands, we recommend this traditional one from Currys (in-house dev approved).


4. A toy R2D2 for only £54.99

Without a doubt, the most loved character out of the Star Wars universe (don’t even fight us on that). This toy R2D2 is the perfect thing to gift yourself right before Christmas.
Currently listed under toys (should be under art, if you ask us) this item can be bought here.

5. An ergonomic keyboard for £52.99

Not currently listed under a Black Friday offer is this ultra-disco-vibe keyboard that you should definitely get this Friday. Imagine all that code you’ll be writing in the dark on your new flashy keyboard. Get this fancy thing on Amazon for (only) £52.99

So, tell us below what are you getting this Black Friday ?

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