Impact of COVID-19 on Technical Recruitment

COVID-19 is currently the cause of global uncertainty and, at, we are trying to keep our clients and developer community as informed as possible. The recruitment industry is adapting to how to interview remotely and address whether hiring strategies need to be adjusted. Luckily, some would say, the tech industry is somewhat used to working remotely, the communication required for remote or flexible teams and finding a new role without having to go into an office. 

One interesting point to note in all of this confusion for companies, is maintaining some normalcy for candidates who have already invested time into the interview process and ensuring a positive candidate experience (for the candidate and to protect your strong talent brand). 

We have definitely seen a trend in activity from all our clients and candidates, which may be this way simply due to uncertainty or this trend may stick around for a longer time. Important to understand is the longer term effect on not finding the right developer for your businesses longer term growth, can that hire wait? How much will it impact your business? While the questions are all up in the air, we thought you may find value in understanding what our platform’s activity looks like currently (both candidate and client side). 

Companies logging into weekly have decreased quite a bit, in my opinion, owing to the uncertainty and whether hiring technical talent is a priority right now. 

Companies reaching out directly to developers on has decreased slightly, but not at the same scale as companies logging in. This could be for two reasons; one, the companies logging in are finding the correct talent on our platform, two, therefore reaching out to more developers relative to previous weeks. 

Edel Russell, Talent Acquisition at Babylon Health, says that “(Babylon Health) are conducting all interviews remotely and are still hiring. We are also doing all onboarding remotely and inductions remotely. Candidates are being sent their laptops by courier” in order to continue building their ever-growing technical team. Edel’s main concern was candidate responsiveness at this time, rather than Babylon Health’s outreach. 

Chris Bennett, Talent Acquisition Partner at Automation Logic, mentioned they are continuing hiring as normal and progressing candidates through the interview stages.

Moving over to the candidate side of our business and the activity we are seeing from sign-ups to candidates actively looking for new roles (week on week). The number of candidates signing up to has dropped off which could, again, be due to uncertainty and the impression that nothing will change right now. 

We are seeing activity from our existing developer community with candidate activity and applications to new roles increasing as their current employment situation changes.

While the recruitment space is constantly changing depending on whether companies can continue hiring from a budgetary and operational perspective, as well as how important these technical roles are for the business. Developers, on, are still actively looking for their next role and are, of course, prioritising remote-based roles and companies still hiring and onboarding at this time.