25 Crazy APIs For Your Next Project


The internet is now awash with tens of thousands of RESTful APIs, each with its unique purpose and set of functionality. In the past few years, there’s been a huge surge in APIs for the social, financial and mapping sectors among others.

RESTful APIs are not only useful for real-life production environments, they can also serve as a powerful tool for learning new technologies. Next time you’re picking up a new JavaScript framework, why not make a few GET requests to some of these suggestions.

In this tutorial, we’ll be using Postman, a powerful client for testing web services to make calls to some of these APIs. It’s available as a desktop application for most devices, and can also be found as a Google Chrome extension.

Trawling through endless lists of APIs can be daunting – that’s why we’ve comprised a list of our top 25 crazy APIs for your next project. So without further ado, let’s get stuck into our list!

1. Ergast Developer Formula 1 API

If you’re a fan of Formula One, then this API is for you. The Ergast Developer API provides data for the Formula One series all the way back to its first world championship in 1950.

Let’s see an example of a GET request to query data and return the current standings for the 2018 season. Simply open up Postman either in the browser or the desktop application and copy the link below.

GET http://ergast.com/api/f1/2008/driverStandings.json

By hitting send in Postman, we can see the following returned in JSON format:

"MRData": {
"xmlns": "http://ergast.com/mrd/1.4",
"series": "f1",
"url": "http://ergast.com/api/f1/2018/driverstandings.json",
"limit": "30",
"offset": "0",
"total": "20",
"StandingsTable": {
"season": "2018",
"StandingsLists": [
"season": "2018",
"round": "13",
"DriverStandings": [
"position": "1",
"positionText": "1",
"points": "231",
"wins": "5",
"Driver": {
"driverId": "hamilton"...

Hamilton is in the lead – what a surprise..

It’s also worth noting that this API can produce results in XML format, too.  

2. Fun translations

Who doesn’t love Yoda? Fun translations convert regular English phrases and paragraphs into a huge variety of dialects from Yoda speak to old English. Useful, this could be.

3. BreweryDB

As you might expect, BreweryDB contains an enormous repository of information specific to beers and breweries.

4. Ron Swanson API

If you’re a fan of hit comedy Parks and Recreation, then I’m sure you’re familiar with Ronald Ulysses “Ron” Swanson. With the Ron Swanson API, you now have access to hundreds of his most famous quotes.


Space! There’s a lot of it – and finally, there are RESTful APIs to help you explore it from the comfort of your computer. Let’s go through a quick example and retrieve NASA’s astronomical picture of the day (APOD) by using their apod endpoint:

Firstly, we’ll need to sign up to retrieve an API key for authentication. Then we can run the following in Postman:

GET https://api.nasa.gov/planetary/apod?api_key=[Your_API_key]

The response we get from this API includes information regarding the image along with a link to the image itself.

"copyright": "Rudy Montoya",
"date": "2018-08-28",
"explanation": "very step caused the sand to light up blue. That glow was bioluminescence -- a blue radiance ...",
"hdurl": "https://apod.nasa.gov/apod/image/1808/MilkyWayOregon_Montoya_1500.jpg",
"media_type": "image",
"service_version": "v1",
"title": "Sea and Sky Glows over the Oregon Coast",
"url": "https://apod.nasa.gov/apod/image/1808/MilkyWayOregon_Montoya_960.jpg"

6. Chuck Norris API

This API really needs no introduction. Although it may be a great choice for playing around with, it may not be the best option for your next client demo. Warning: NSFW!

7. Marvel Comics

Following on from the Marvel movie hype of the past few years, the Marvel Comics API contains a huge amount of data from the Marvel Universe. Not only could it be useful for your next project, it may also put an end to those office arguments – ‘Is there anyone more powerful than the Hulk?’ 🤔

8. PandaScore

As eSports gain more and more popularity, it’s hard to keep up with the latest results from your favourite teams. Until now. PandaScore allows us to track the latest statistics from a wide range of games with a simple to use API. PandaScore using artificial intelligence to gain real-time statistics for eSports games.

9. Spotify

Spotify’s web API allows us to query data on its huge repository of music. Up to date information about artists, songs and albums is just a GET call away.

10. JService

This API is perfect for fans of trivial pursuit. JService currently contains over 158,000 trivia questions and will surely keep you busy for many Christmases to come. Happy holidays!


11. Lob

Don’t have a printer? Just send a print request to Lob through their RESTful API and get your document in the mail a few days later!

12. Cat Facts

We probably watch far too many cat videos, but how much do we really know about our furry friends? The cat facts API is the purr-fect way to learn more about these paw-some creatures. Yes, we know, that’s too many cat puns.

13. The Cat API

If cat facts aren’t enough, then you can use the cat API to get on-demand pictures and gifs of cats!

14. The Dog API

More of a dog person? Then get stuck into dog API and gain access to the internet’s largest repository of dog pictures.

15. Colour lovers

Colour lovers is a community project where people share and name new colours and palettes.  It currently contains over 350,000 named colours and many more palettes with more being added every day.

Let’s use postman to get a quick example of a random hex code colour:

GET http://www.colourlovers.com/api/color/6B4106&format=json

Hitting run gives us the following:

"id": 903893,
"title": "wet dirt",
"userName": "jessicabrown",
"numViews": 522,
"numVotes": 1,
"numComments": 0,
"numHearts": 0,
"rank": 0,
"dateCreated": "2008-03-17 11:22:21",
"hex": "6B4106",
"rgb": {
"red": 107,
"green": 65,
"blue": 6
"hsv": {
"hue": 35,
"saturation": 94,
"value": 42
"description": "",
"url": "http://www.colourlovers.com/color/6B4106/wet_dirt",
"imageUrl": "http://www.colourlovers.com/img/6B4106/100/100/wet_dirt.png",
"badgeUrl": "http://www.colourlovers.com/images/badges/c/903/903893_wet_dirt.png",
"apiUrl": "http://www.colourlovers.com/api/color/6B4106"

What a delightful name for a colour.

16. Bacon Ipsum

Do you need some placeholder text for your new website? Are you bored of endless boxes of illegible Latin? Fear not, with Bacon Ipsum you can generate endless meaty placeholders. Bacon t-bone beef ribs!

17. Dino Ipsum

If you’re vegan or vegetarian, you probably don’t want to be generating boundless meat-based products in your project. So that’s why we’re introducing an ipsum generator that everyone can get behind. Make some requests to Dino Ipsum, and fill your next application with endless lists of dinosaurs.

18. Star Wars

The Star Wars API, or SWAPI, is the most up-to-date Star Wars data API on the web. It currently contains data on 87 characters and 61 planets over 7 films.

19. Food and Recipe API

All this API searching is making me hungry- or perhaps it’s the recipes from Spoonacular’s Food and Recipe API. Containing over 360,000 recipes and 90,000 food products there’s surely something that sounds good for your next big food app.

20. Giphy GIFS!

Giphy is perhaps the largest gif database on the internet. With its RESTful API, you can embed creative gifs into your next project.

21. Imgur

I’ve lost countless hours scrolling through Imgur’s endless repository of images. Now, with the Imgur API you can lose countless more developing your next application backed by one of the internet’s biggest image sharing communities!

22. Twitch TV

Twitch TV is a live streaming platform with over 140 million monthly viewers. The Twitch TV API allows us to query data regarding the platform as well as a whole host of other possibilities.

23. Deck of cards

Creating a card game is a great idea when picking up a new technology. With Deck of cards, forget about your back-end and focus on creating an exciting interface with your choice of front-end technology.

24. Yes or No API

If you need help with your decision making, why not leave it up to the Yes or No API? In case you need further persuading, each decision comes with an appropriate gif.

25. It’s This For That

It’s this for that generates new ideas for startups by supplying 2 parameters at random. It also contains a simple to use API with a variety of response formats. I think it’s time to start a Match.com for baristas.


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