25 Awesome RESTful APIs


We’re back at it again with a new list of APIs! This time, we’re steering away from the whacky and weird and diving into 25 mind-blowingly incredible APIs that’ll have you shouting “damn, that’s cool!” at your monitor.

Unlike last time, let’s forget the formalities, and get stuck into our list!

1. IBM Watson 🤖

We’re kicking the list off with a subject that’s hot in the computing world at the moment, Artificial Intelligence (AI). Watson is IBM’s flagship AI; A sophisticated supercomputer that boasts impressive insight with relatively little data input. With applications from healthcare to finance, Watson is being used to revolutionise many data-driven industries.

2. Amazon Web Services Public Data Program

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has a collection of publicly available high-value cloud-optimized data sets. The ability to query high volumes of data is definitely an interesting concept, and absolutely worth a mention in this article.

3. Common Crawl

While we’re on the subject of vast sets of data, take a few minutes to check out common crawl. This non-profit organization provides access to data from billions of web pages; the possibilities are endless.

4. Wolfram Alpha

WolframAlpha defines a new methodology for obtaining information. It works by running calculations on vast amounts of data, algorithms and methods instead of just searching existing information on the web. Now, all of that computation power comes in an easy to use RESTful API. 🐺

5. Planet 🌍

Planet, the company behind the Planet API, designs, builds and launches Earth-watching satellites. They now have the largest network of Earth-imaging satellites which produces new data on a daily basis. This data provides new insights into the way we see the planet and creates endless possibilities for applications.

All of this data is available in the form of Planet’s RESTful API.

6. YouTube 📹

Youtube’s Data API allows users to integrate their applications and perform operations usually done through the website. It provides the capability to search for videos, retrieve standard feeds, see related content and much, much more.

7. 🍅 Rotten Tomatoes

If you’re a movie lover, you’ve probably come across the critical reviews by Rotten Tomatoes. Thanks for Fandango, there’s also an API available to query their huge database of movies, reviews and images.

8. Google Earth

Next up is Google Earth. We’ve all spent countless hours scrolling around on Google Earth; Either to look at far-way beaches whilst stuck in the office or just to take a peek what your house looked like in 2010. The API offers us a bunch of useful functionality:

  • Datasets: A petabyte-scale archive of publicly available remotely sensed imagery and other data. Explore the data catalogue.
  • Compute power: Google’s computational infrastructure optimized for parallel processing of geospatial data
  • APIs: APIs for JavaScript and Python (hosted on GitHub) for making requests to the Earth Engine servers.
  • Code Editor: An online Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for rapid prototyping and visualization of complex spatial analyses using the Javascript API. Explore the Code Editor docs.

9. MATLAB 󠁛󠁛

If you’re from a scientific or engineering background, it’s highly probable that you’ve spent your fair share of time messing around with (or shouting at) equations on MATLAB. With powerful graphical libraries, computer vision toolboxes and more, MATLAB is a powerful data analysis toolset. Now, you can embed that power into your web applications with the MATLAB RESTful API.  The API enables the user to evaluate MATLAB functions on remote servers using a JSON representation of MATLAB data types.

10. Deepomatic 🕳️

Computer vision is an emerging technology, and there are many providers of RESTful APIs that do all the hard work for you. In fact, I recently wrote an article on how to integrate one of these APIs into a new project.

Sometimes, however, these APIs just aren’t suitable for your requirements, leaving you thinking “Do I really need to develop this AI from scratch?”. Thankfully, with Deepomatic, the answer is “No, I don’t!”. This is because Deepomatic contains functionality to customize your own computer vision model, allowing it to identify the objects that you define.

11. Clarifai

In case you don’t need a self-trained AI, and you’re in a situation where an out-of-the-box solution will do just fine, Clarifai is a great place to start. With no set-up and a generous FREE tier to help get you started, it’s 100% on our awesome API list!

12. AirBrake ✈️

AirBrake is an awesome piece of technology for monitoring errors across your entire stack. With their easy to use API, you can send and retrieve error information from anywhere in your application in seconds.

13. Slack

Slack is revolutionising how teams communicate; providing a single location for messaging, tools, files and more. As part of the offering, Slack also provides an API to help integration into your own applications. Go check it out!

14. ButterCMS

Whether you’re a seasoned developer, or relatively new to programming, using a headless CMS can be a great way to manage content for a new application without getting stuck into the gritty world of back-end development. With simple API calls, you can save or retrieve a multitude of data to populate the front-end of your creation. ButterCMS is one of the front-runners in the headless CMS sector, and definitely deserves a place on our list.

15. GraphCMS 📊

Staying on the topic of headless CMS, GraphCMS is another awesome choice and gets a big shout out from us.

16. 🔓 AZCaptcha

With the rise of AI, are the days of the humble captcha numbered? AZCaptcha provides quick and accurate captcha solving using a host of AI employees.

17. PixLab

PixLab offers on-the-fly media and machine vision processing accessible through a handy RESTful API. Whether you’re looking for cropping, blurring, or even Snapchat-style filtering, PixLab is bound to be a good starting point. 🧪

18. 📅 Google Calendar

Millions of people around the globe use Google Calendar to organise their daily lives. The Google Calendar API allows your application to complete many of the common tasks available through the web browser.

19. Power BI

Microsoft released its business intelligence platform, Power BI, back in 2014. Providing powerful data analytics including natural query language support, Power BI offers an incredible user experience across multiple platforms. Since it’s creation, Microsoft has also released a RESTful API to help leverage some of its awesome capabilities.

20. LBRY 📚

LBRY is a free, open-sourced digital marketplace based on block-chain technology. Using LBRY, anyone can publish content to be purchased and consumed by everyone.

21. The PI API

Ever wondered what the 750 BILLIONth digit of pi was? I know I have! Now, thanks to the Pi API, we can even find out with a simple GET request! 🥧

22. Firebase 🔥

Google’s Firebase aims at taking the hardship out of application development by doing of all of the back-end development for you. Firebase hosts user authentication, cloud functions and storage, real-time databases, crash analytics and much more; And it’s all just an HTTP Request away.


IFTTT is the free service to help IoT devices communicate with one another. Signing up will give you access to an ecosystem of over 600 apps, devices, and companies, thousands of active developers, and millions of consumers.

24. Steam

One of the internets largest gaming platforms also has a useful API to query its vast databases of information. The API gives you access to player information, game details, news and more.

25. Echo Nest 🔊

Not to be confused with the Amazon product, Echo Nest is the music intelligence behind Spotify’s music recommendations, radios and more. Reaching over 100 million customers a month, Echo Nest brings a powerful API to many popular music applications.


In this article, we’ve taken a quick look at 25 awe-inspiring APIs to GET stuck into with your next coding project.

With emerging technologies becoming increasingly easy to access with simple to use RESTful APIs, there’s never been a better time to get started with a new exciting application!

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