Team Spotlight: Meet Jamie-Lee

This week, we’re excited to introduce to you our amazing Senior Account Manager, Jamie-Lee. When she’s not travelling the world, she’s connecting companies with the very best tech talent in London.

Let’s hear from Jamie-Lee on what makes a candidate stand out for a company and why startups recruit differently to bigger organisations.

Name: Jamie-Lee Kruger

Role: Senior Account Manager (2 years)

But first … who’s Jamie-Lee and where did she come from?

Jamie-Lee started working for in 2016 when the company was in its early stages.

Jamie-Lee comes from Cape Town and in spite of being here for two years, she still says “ya” with the thickest South African accent. In South Africa, she grew up playing water polo and she’s been diving since she was 14, so we’re looking at a massive water sports fan. in the beginning

Jamie-Lee loved the challenge of working in a growing startup, and she loved the fact that everyone was so hands-on and committed to growing the platform.

When she first started she sat right next to our CEO, Raoul, but instead of feeling intimidated, she felt even more motivated to do a great job.

She loves everything about the Snap team – its balanced culture, the fact that we all have something in common and that we’re an inclusive environment.

Our product is easy to use and it helps people find a job quicker

One thing everyone at knows for sure is that developers have developed a certain antipathy towards recruiters. Our CEO and CTO have both been in that bucket too, and they understand better than anyone else the struggles of working with recruiters.

How would you describe your role to a stranger?

Jamie-Lee keeps a straight face and clearly says: “I do not work in recruitment, I help people get to the jobs of their dreams. When I make my recommendations, I base them on a company’s culture and a candidate’s complete skill set.”

How were the companies and the initial reaction to Snap?

When came to life, companies were very surprised to find such a customisable platform – the feedback we received was beyond positive and it gave us confidence that we had the right product to help all these companies with their tech hires.

Our service provided an alternative to the tedious LinkedIn search process that hiring managers have to undertake: we have a pool of developers with great skill sets which the hiring managers could choose from. Jamie-Lee loves to say: “There’s a perfect candidate for every company we work with, as we can do the matching in some instances.”

We offer candidates a great platform that places them at the steering wheel of their job hunt, putting them in charge.

Jamie-Lee confesses that she’s happiest when candidates appreciate the human process of their job hunt and appreciate the advice coming from our talent team. (Check out our Trustpilot reviews if you don’t believe her 🙂

We help hiring managers by identifying by refining their candidate requirements

Great candidates can be hard to find, but fortunately, there’s no shortage of awesome developers on our platform. Jamie-Lee and her team are here to support hiring managers in identifying candidates and shortening their hiring process. “If hiring managers need tech support from us, we’re ready to offer it to them. We’ve got the market knowledge that they need to optimise their hiring process and make the perfect hire for their company.”

CTOs are very clear about their requirements

When she’s not working with hiring managers, Jamie- Lee connects with CTOs directly and adds her input in their hiring process. “With CTOs and other C-Level employees it’s always a quality game: you have to understand what they’re looking for and then send them the perfect candidate, both technically and culturally. They’ll know the perfect candidate when they see them, it’s that simple, but it also makes my job more challenging.”

What are companies like in the recruitment process?

Startups are different; small teams are much more engaged, open to advice and open to learning how to mould their interview process. They usually go through a more traditional process – call the candidate, test them quickly – and they also offer a more flexible interview structure.

“If a candidate is involved with a bigger organization, they usually go through a stricter process, and they need to expect more steps in the hiring process – and we do our best to aid candidates during this time,” says Jamie-Lee.

A candidate will always stand out if they have a clear sense of direction

Of course, researching about the company you’re interviewing for is important, but always keep in mind what your own goals are.

Jamie-Lee advises to always think about the people you’re interviewing with. If it’s a CTO, show them you have a vision, a clear career path. If you’re interviewing with hiring managers, ask them plenty of questions about the team and the company culture, so you know if you’ll fit in or not.”

A company will always like to hear about candidates’ achievements in another team clearly and concisely, and Jamie-Lee and her team are always available to support candidates and companies in the hiring process.

Jamie-Lee also advises that candidates be transparent as to what they’re looking for in a new role, their potential progression in a company and the longevity that the company offers. “Don’t be afraid to ask the tough questions, and if longevity is important to you as a candidate, it’s ok to be vocal about it.”

Companies love our customisable service

The companies that work with Jamie-Lee always compliment the simplicity of the product as well as the diversity of the candidates they find on our platform. They love our customisable service, and they agree there’s no other service like anywhere in London.

Jamie-Lee gets excited when she gets to present new product features to companies.

Candidate feedback has positively affected our platform

On the candidate side, she’s happy when she hears back from developers: “They’re so happy to find variety in the companies we work with, from startups, to tech for good companies, to bigger organisations like Asos or TransferWise. We have recurring candidates who are happy to see our growth as well as the changes we’ve made to the platform these last few years.”

Transparency and feedback are paramount in the hiring process

“Think of the candidate – giving feedback is more important than you think!” Jamie-Lee agrees that candidates deserve to know why they were or weren’t successful at an interview. “It should be part of every hiring process. Sometimes the candidate doesn’t suit the company’s profile and that’s absolutely fine, but it’s important to me that they know that an unsuccessful interview has nothing to do with their skills.”

A hiring process should be quick and flawless

In an ideal situation, candidates would be invited for tech tests as soon as possible, followed by office interviews and team meetings. Think about it this way: a candidate is not looking for just one job, they’re interviewing for at least three or four roles, so they have a calendar of their own. A flawless hiring process would allow for mutual respect and understanding, times that suit a candidate, more structure in the hiring stages and then finally, the feedback process.

So in the end … what makes Jamie-Lee Jamie-Lee?

Besides the water sports she practices, Jamie-Lee absolutely can’t live without … deer meat. We’re kidding, but she does keep in touch with her South African roots by enjoying biltong every now and again.

She’s also a sushi lover who plays the piano, but confesses that despite all the modern dance classes she’s taken in her youth, Jamie-Lee still can’t dance to save her life.

Luckily, her job only requires her to help companies identify and match with the best tech talent in London.

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